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You are awesome, Oh! my IT Ops Guy :)
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Oh! my IT Ops Guy (The Song)

I am Abhishek Parolkar and to give tribute to Wes Borg's comedy work I thought of revising his work for new generation of people called IT Ops or DevOps :)

Here's my lyrics:

There's a guy who works on the next floor
He's the one you call,
When your document ain't there no more.
He can be funny and reads many comic books.
But you tremble in fear when you have to hear his, "What a dummy", looks.
Got a virus, lost your password or you just can't print?
In an hour he'll show and then he'll crouch and squint.
Fight to save your files, he might be there all day.
But sometimes, he just presses caps lock...and he walks away...
He is the guy who keeps the site online
And won’t sleep until everything is running fine
He’ll be awake if the server makes the beep
That’s how he protects your good night sleep
He always says automation is awesome
A Chef or Puppet can give him an orgasm 
Piss him off and you will be fired tomorrow morn(ing)
‘coz he is the guy who knows that you’hv been surfing porn.
So don’t screw it up…
Let’s just get up and give him a high-five
Say, You are awesome, Oh my IT Ops Guy :)


Oh! My IT Ops Guy [The Official Song].


This is released under CC BY 3.0, so you can fork it and go crazy with your creativity.

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