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Update debugger help text

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commit 063e402f2970d9d8a2f92da1760c9ad43f389e06 1 parent 76d7adf
@nbrown nbrown authored
Showing with 3 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +3 −3 src/m0/c/m0_debugger.c
6 src/m0/c/m0_debugger.c
@@ -541,9 +541,9 @@ print_help()
printf("\tpn ARG: print ARG (treat ARG as a float)\n\t\tCurrently ARG only supports registers\n");
printf("\tps ARG: print ARG (treat ARG as a string)\n\t\tCurrently ARG only supports registers\n");
printf("\tl : list the decompiled source code for the line that is about to be executed\n");
- printf("\tb PC : TODO: create a new breakpoint at PC\n");
- printf("\tB PC : TODO: delete the breakpoint at PC\n");
- printf("\tL : TODO: list breakpoints\n");
+ printf("\tb PC : create a new breakpoint at PC\n");
+ printf("\tB ARG : delete the breakpoint # ARG\n");
+ printf("\tL : list breakpoints\n");
printf("\th : print this help message\n");
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