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GCI ops2c POD #226

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Sasho and others added some commits

OK i think i fix it now .

  • "To suppress any non-error messages" should be "To suppress error messages".
  • "Translate .ops file in .c" should be "Translate .ops files into .c".
    • files is plural, because more than one ops file can be processed at a time.
    • into instead of in, because into prefixes the result of the translation. in could mean the same thing, but in could also be read as " the .ops file that is contained within a .c file". into will be harder to misconstrue.

I will add in @Util's changes, merging.

@leto leto merged commit c847084 into from
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Commits on Dec 7, 2011
  1. ops2c POD added

    Sasho authored
  2. Update docs/binaries/ops2c.pod

    Alekssasho authored
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54 docs/binaries/ops2c.pod
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+# Copyright (C) 2011, Parrot Foundation.
+=head1 Name
+ops2c - part of Parrot VM's build infrastructure.
+=head1 Description
+Translate .ops file in .c files for opcode compilation.
+=head1 Usage
+ops2c [option]
+=head2 Command line Options
+For help, use :
+ -h
+ --help
+To generate the C code for core ops (must be run from within Parrot's build directory), use :
+ -c
+ --core
+To generate the C code for dynamic ops in a single .ops file, use :
+ -d <file.ops>
+ --dynamic <file.ops>
+To suppress any non-error messages, use :
+ -q
+ --quiet
+To suppress #line directives in generated C code (line numbers are not currently supported), use :
+ -n
+ --no-lines
+For debugging option :
+To perform all processing without writing to any files, use :
+ -g
+ --debug
+=head1 Help
+For more help or any other question you go to L<> or
+L<>.Or you can send email to ''.
+You are also invited to join the #parrot IRC channel on
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