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Random Code

This repository contains most of the code that I write for my blog posts. I realized I have random repositories on Github. I am consolidating them into one.

Individual Licenses

Most code in this repository is governed under the MIT. Some code may have a different license, check each directory for a license file.

Security Code

Security code will be mostly in

Code Index

This table will help but may not be current. Look inside each individual directory to see the code.

WinAppDbg Tutorials

Code for my set of WinAppDbg tutorials.

  1. Copy the winappdbg directory to your Virtual Machine.
  2. Install Python, WinAppDbg and other software using instructions in part 1.
  3. Follow the tutorials and enjoy.
  4. If code is wrong, make an issue here or yell at me on Twitter/email/etc.

Cryptopals - Go

Doing the Cryptopals challenges with lol no generics.

Gophercises - Go

Gophercises by Jon Calhoun.

Hipchat Proxy

Small proxy that I wrote for proxying Hipchat.

.NET Remoting

Code and example program used in:

Malware Adventure

Small text adventure written in Python using PAWS (Python Adventure Writing System). Created as part of the class activity for "Advanced Topics in Computer Security" in 2013 at Johns Hopkins.

PAWS 2.1 is a fork by Matthias C. Hormann at PAWS was originally created by Roger Plowman.

Octopress Image Popup Plugin Forked

This is a fork of the the Octopress Image Popup Plugin at by Jeremy Bingham. The original instructions did not work for me out of the box so I made some minor changes. Because it has a different license, I am keeping it in a separate repository.


A few python scripts to extract information from pcap files to csv.

Cryptopals - C

Doing the first few cryptopals challenges in C (why?!).

Calculator in C++

I found this code in an old archive. It's apparently some calculator I wrote back in undergrad. It draws shapes on the screen and depending on where you click, you get a number. Pretty much all of it was done manually. The only thing I remember, is that I needed to have C:\\egavga.bgi for it to work. Fun times.