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Particl Cold-Staking Pool - Proof of concept

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Pool participants send their coin to a coldstake script with a stake address owned by the pool and a spend address owned by the participant.

The pool can only stake such outputs, participants can withdraw their coin without interacting with the pool.

A pool-fee is deducted from the reward of each block staked by the pool. This fee should cover the costs of running the pool as well as the transaction fees of the payouts.

An optional stake bonus can deducted and assigned to the address of the output which staked the block.

The remaining block reward is accumulated to the pool participants spend scripts in proportion to the amount of coin each spend script has in the pool.

Participants are incentivised to split their pooled coin to few spend scripts to increase the frequency of the payouts and increase their chances of claiming stake bonuses.

The pool can split or join outputs on the same scripts. If a participant starts with an output of 200 part and sends a further 1 part output to the pool on the same script the pool will join the outputs when either output stakes. Both outputs must be below the 'stakecombinethreshold' setting to join.

Coin sent to the pool must be stakeable before it starts to accrue rewards. Outputs must be 225 blocks deep in the chain they can stake.

The pool must run at least 100 blocks behind the main chain. At this depth all stake rewards should be matured and forks resolved.

Participants can verify a pool is operating correctly by running the pool script in 'observer' mode.

The pool should isolate the accumulated reward coin in a non-staking wallet. Change from payout transactions should go back to the pool reward address for easier tracking by observers.


Amount accumulation is done at 16 decimal places.

The staking wallet and the reward wallet don't need to be in the same node.

The stake bonus could be attributed to the output in the coinstake txn, adding it to the spend script's accumulated coin will cause the lot to be paid out sooner.

When reloading a pool, run the script in observer mode until synced then switchover to master. If reloading in master mode the script will attempt to make payments that have already been paid.

Further Work:

  • Track extaddress stake address

  • Email payout info to pool operator for offline signing.

  • SMSG announcements


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