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@monkbroc monkbroc released this Feb 19, 2019 · 2 commits to mesh-develop since this release



  • [Gen 3] Fixes system-dynalib incompatibility introduced in 0.9.0-rc.1, causing pre-0.9.0-rc.1 user applications that call certain system-dynalib functions to crash the device [#1692]
  • [Gen 3] WKP pin is configured as pull-down with rising edge trigger when entering STANDBY sleep mode to keep feature parity with Gen 2 devices (#1691)
  • [Boron] PPP thread stack size increased by 1K in order to resolve a very rare stack overflow (#1691)
  • [Gen 3] Fixes a crash when attempting to send constant data residing in flash through Ethernet interface (#1691)
  • [Gen 3] An attempt to unitialize an SPI interface no longer causes an assertion failure if the interface is not initialized (#1663)
  • [Gen 3] Default SPI settings are now recognized correctly (#1663)
  • [Gen 3] Fixed a possible race condition during the Timer's uninitialization (#1663)
  • [Gen 3] random() is now properly seeded on application startup (#1663)
  • [Boron] Fixes an issue with IMEI and ICCID not being reported in listening mode serial console with v command (#1681)
  • [Gen 3] SPI MISO is no longer configured with a pull-down and user-provided CS pin is not reset to INPUT state when reconfiguring SPI peripheral (#1671)
  • [Argon] Fixes a deadlock when initializing NCP client (#1661)
  • [Gen 3] DFU mode no longer requires driver installation on Windows. Fixes incorrect WCID descriptors (#1653)
  • [Gen 3] Adds missing Arduino-specific definitions (#1658)
  • [Xenon] Makes Serial2 available in user applications (#1660)
  • [Argon] WiFi cipher types are now being correctly reported when scanning or retreiving stored credentials (#1659)


  • [Gen 3] micros() resolution increased by mixing in DWT->CYCCNT (#1682)


  • [Gen 3] STOP sleep mode support (#1682)
  • [Gen 3] STANDBY sleep mode support (#1667)
  • [Gen 3] USB control requests (#1655)
  • [Gen 3] Mesh network diagnostics (#1657)
  • [Boron] Cellular.command() support (#1651)


  • [Gen 3] Most of the wiring/no_fixture tests now successfully run on Xenon, Argon and Boron (#1663)
  • Removed strong dependency on git (#1664)
  • [Gen 3] OpenThread updated to 20190130 master with the fix for negative clock drift between HFCLK and LFCLK (#1684)
  • Submodules now use absolute https URLs (#1699)
  • Fixed an assertion failure (SOS 10) with Mesh.subscribe() and threading enabled (#1652)
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