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Welcome to the PartKeepr wiki!

You might wish to read the FAQ until we got more content here.


  • Sep 2011: Implement all bugs in the SenchaCon Milestone
  • Oct 2011: First stable release including Installer

Help wanted!

We're looking for people who wish to test PartKeepr on non-MySQL databases. In general, any database supported by Doctrine2 could be tested (PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle, MSSQL?).

Raspberry Pi 3

Managed to install with lighttpd and mysql (( 2016-06-25)).

  • Issue : During setup, Warming cache takes forever and then fail with "invalid respond from server.
    • Check your opcache settings (below settings might work)
      • opcache.enable=1
      • opcache.interned_strings_buffer=16
      • opcache.interned_strings_buffer=16
      • opcache.max_accelerated_files=12000
      • opcache.validate_timestamps=0
      • opcache.revalidate_freq=0
      • opcache.save_comments=1
      • opcache.load_comments=1
      • opcache.fast_shutdown=1
    • move your cache to a ramdisk
      • symlink the cache directory to a ramdisk location
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