Resources for learning and using recursion schemes.
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Awesome Recursion Schemes Awesome Build Status

A curation of useful resources for learning about and using recursion schemes.


  • Practical Recursion Schemes - An introduction to pattern functors, fix points, anamorphisms, catamorphisms, paramorphisms and hylomorphisms, requiring very little prior knowledge.
  • An Introduction to Recursion Schemes - A three-part series in which you discover recursion schemes from scratch and implement a small subset of Edward Kmett's library.
  • Understanding Algebras - Bartosz Milewski explains F-algebras and shows how to use them in the context of catamorphisms.





  • Magic Read Along - Casual discussions about category theory that often bring up recursion schemes, including episode 33 which talks about Histomorphisms and Futumorphisms.


  • recursion-schemes for Haskell - The canonical implementation by Edward Kmett.
  • Matryoshka for Scala - Generalized folds, unfolds, and traversals for fixed point data structures.
  • purescript-matryoshka for PureScript - A work-in-process port of matryoshka.


This content is licensed under CC0.