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@swingflip swingflip released this Feb 22, 2019

To see the release notes, instructions and key features of this release please visit the dedicated news article here:

Important notes

  • Due to a bug not discovered before release, if you have edited settings through the BleemSync UI, the bootloader payload may not update. If you did not see the payload update and the bleemsync/flags/UPDATE file is still present on your drive, please add the following to the config file bleemsync/etc/bleemsync/CFG/bleemsync_cfg.INI:
  • If you are updating on a Mac, make sure to select Merge when you are overwriting files on your USB drive. Otherwise, you may delete your games database and configurations. Making a backup prior to upgrading is recommended.
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@pathartl pathartl released this Jan 25, 2019

This is the first full release of BleemSync.

There is now a dedicated page for BleemSync. You can find it at:, it also contains tutorials and how-to videos.

Release Notes

General Updates

  • Added brand new UI to allow easy syncing and modding for your PlayStation Classic!
  • USB payload completely redone from scratch, much better design meaning more stability, faster boot times and more flexibility.
  • Added support to the stock console UI for the additional PS1 formats “m3u” “pbp” “img” “mdf” “toc” “cbn”
  • Completely new and improved bootloader. Contains more sense checking and script vetting to ensure no broken boots. (No more lolhack)
  • Auto deployment/install and update facility added.
  • Added permanent safe USB lockout disable, telnet and ftp support. (These services will install on initial install so you don’t need a USB to load these services)
  • Added NTFS and exFAT drive support. (Once initial install in complete)
  • Because of the USB lockout disable, you can now run psc from TVs and PC USB ports.
  • Improved LED support, green = idle/OK, orange = BS function running, flashing red = attention needed, see on screen. (You can now see exactly when something is running)
  • Added function libraries so you can add your own scripts in to the boot sequence if you wish for extra tinkering
  • Added boot profiler (Every function in the boot sequence will get timed and recorded so you can identify slow down issues within boot)
  • Integration of RetroArch by default (will be optional in later builds)
  • Added full verbose logging, any issues should now be logged easily within the logs directory of the USB to help easily identify common issues
  • Initial install sets up basis for backup/restore and OTG support (coming in 1.1)
  • Game folders are much less complicated and require less mounting per game.
  • Included patch pack for stock 20 games to run at full speed if launched via RetroArch PCSX from either stock UI or playlist.
  • Added auto migration tools to run on first boot after install.

UI Features

  • Allows for the upload of PS1 games to the PSC
  • Menus for both BleemSync and the stock UI's preferences
  • Automatic game detection based on serial number
  • Drag and drop updating of cover art
  • Sortable game list
  • Automatic update of the PSC's internal database

Boot Updates

  • Added the ability to fully customise your boot routine. You can select what functions/routines and extra debugging routines are run during boot time.
  • Added customisable boot options, including quick load, Heath check disable and custom splash screen support. (Static only supported for 1.0)
  • Added kickass BleemSync splash screen on load (Can be disabled or customised)
  • Added new build of BootMenu as default, now with BleemSync theme images and the ability to change the boot menu background theme too. (Just like the splashscreen)
  • Added boot menu music toggle
  • Bundled custom original (90s ps1 demo style) boot menu music
  • Added the facility so you can boot directly to the bootmenu, RetroArch or the stock UI. (Configurable from USB or UI)
  • Removed the long boot times, especially for large collections!

Stock UI Updates

  • Added ability to load in original 20 games on EMMC into the stock UI including your customs.
  • Added auto alphabetical’ising’ so you can sort automatically by alphabetical order. (You can also set your own order from the UI)
  • Added ability to easily load in custom UI themes, you can load as many themes on to the usb and select from the config.
  • Added ability to randomise themes on boot * Included completely original custom theme for bleemsync. (Configurable)
  • Themes now no longer need all theme files to work. Just requires the files you wish to replace. (Includes sounds)
  • Added the ability to launch all pcsx games from the stock UI with RetroArch PCSX (recommended!)
  • Added support for savestates and save files when launching games via RA PCSX
  • Added physical console button support to emulate stock PCSX emulator

RetroArch Updates

  • Improved the RetroArch deployment method for the PSC
  • Automatically loads in on console PS1 bios to RetroArch on first boot so no requirement to source ps1 bios
  • Improved playlist support to make it easier to use
  • Included all core info files by default
  • Fixed mappings for PS3 and PS4 controllers
  • Include completely custom and exclusive PSC RA theme. (A homage to the PS4 20th anniversary PS1 theme)
  • Also included updated monochrome theme (just switch from custom theme to monochrome if you wish)
  • Added overlay support with scanlines available by default
  • Added stock ps1 games in playlist so you can load stock games directly from RA playlist
  • Cut out dead weight and reduced file size of RetroArch
  • Improved screenshot saving for retroarch when saving screenshots for save files
  • Redone initial config and optimised the settings for psc
  • Set proper notification background and fonts
  • Misc bug fixes and improvements

Misc Updates

  • Added devtools like GDB, readelf, ldd and nano etc. Also made accommodations so you can easily mount your own binaries/libraries to the console. (SAFELY)
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@pathartl pathartl released this Dec 17, 2018

This is a maintenance release. A bug in the serial number detection from game images may have caused games to not be detected properly.

To update, remove the root BleemSync folder and replace it with the one in the ZIP archive.

Please use this spreadsheet for keeping track of any missing games from BleemSync Central.

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@pathartl pathartl released this Dec 16, 2018

This is a feature release.


  • Automatic metadata scraping - if BleemSync detects no Game.ini is present for a game, it will attempt to download the information and game cover from BleemSync Central - a hosted database specifically tailored for BleemSync
  • 2 player controller support - Thanks mtrivs!
  • BleemSync will now run on boot. This feature can be disabled by deleting the System/BleemSync folder.
    note: syncing will only check for Game.ini on boot as there is no internet connectivity on the system
  • System/Defaults/pcsx.cfg has been added for allowing a default configuration of PCSX. This will be automatically copied into each game on boot.

Some features in this build may be experimental. Please review the README before seeking out support or submitting an issue.

A big thank you to ModMyClassic (Formerly Hakchi Resources) for hosting BleemSync Central! If you want to help keep the servers chugging along, hit up that donate button!

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@pathartl pathartl released this Dec 14, 2018

Minor version update. Updates to the boot process to make it less error-prone.

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