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==Terminal IDE==

Contributors: Swapnil V. Patil

Donate link: http://TechMantra.org

Tags: IDE, Android, C, C++, Java

== Description ==

Terminal IDE is a command line java / android dev kit that runs on the device itself.

Using a correctly configured vim, bash and busybox, in a custom terminal + custom keyboard environment.

All these applications are put together so that they interact correctly.

A full Terminal emulator + custom ANSI keyboard ensure good bash, vim and busybox emulation.

All set up and ready to run in a NON-ROOT environment. Normal user permissions are enough to run all of this.


If you are looking just for installation and not the code, just copy the .apk file provided, and run it in your Android device.


patilswapnilv@gmail.com OR swapnil@techmantra.org