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Rain - The Racket Interactive Shell

fizzbuzz screenshot

Rain is an interactive Racket shell. The above screenshot shows off some of its features:

  • syntax highlighting
  • matching bracket colouring (and highlights the matching open/close bracket when cursor is over a bracket)
  • autocompletion of
    • special forms
    • user definitons
    • definitions from racket/{base/class/list}
  • a dropdown list that shows possible autocompletions (toggle with F1)
  • auto-indenting code
  • a minimal Racket interpreter

It also features:

  • basic support for running programs, piping and redirecting streams
  • a user profile (~/.rain_profile) that stores user definitions that get loaded when Rain starts

with new features constantly being added.

Note: this is very much a work-in-progress. Rain is not production ready, it is very incomplete. Feel free to try it out but keep in mind it is not stable.


Rain requires a Linux environment. The Windows Subsystem for Linux is supported too.

It is advised to get the latest release. Keep in mind any 0.x.y releases are considered unstable.

Download the latest release:


Then extract Rain some place you want:

tar xf rain.tar.xz



And thats it. The first time you start Rain it will create a file called .rain_profile in your home directory.

There is currently a bug in Racket 6.9 that affects Rain and requires building Racket from source until the next Racket release. So while its possible to build Rain from source its not currently supported.

See the docs for more information. For a fantastic guide on Racket see The Racket Guide


The Racket Interactive Shell







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