This is a custom made Sublime Text 2 Theme inspired in Gray Space Theme and Tron Light Color Scheme
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A set of custom UI themes for Sublime Text 2/3. It's all about hype and minimal.



Based on TronLight Theme and Space Gray Theme.


How to Install

Via Package Control

The easiest way to install is using Sublime Package Control, where Darkmatter is listed as Theme - Darkmatter.

  1. Open Command Palette using menu item Tools -> Command Palette... (P on Mac)
  2. Choose Package Control: Install Package
  3. Find Theme - Darkmatter and hit Enter


You can also install the theme manually:

  1. Download the .zip
  2. Unzip and rename the folder to Theme - Darkmatter
  3. Copy the folder into Packages directory, which you can find using the menu item Sublime Text -> Preferences -> Browse Packages...

How to Activate

Activate the UI theme and color scheme by modifying your user preferences file, which you can find using the menu item Sublime Text -> Preferences -> Settings - User (, on Mac).

You can choose whichever flavor you like, but don't forget to change both color scheme and UI theme so they match.

Note: Don't forget to restart Sublime Text after activating the theme.

Settings for Darkmatter

  "theme": "Darkmatter.sublime-theme",
  "color_scheme": "Packages/Theme - Darkmatter/Darkmatter.tmTheme"


Tab labels font size

Copy and paste one of four options in your user preferences file:

  "darkmatter_tabs_font_small": true
  "darkmatter_tabs_font_normal": true
  "darkmatter_tabs_font_large": true
  "darkmatter_tabs_font_xlarge": true

Tabs size

Tabs height:

  "darkmatter_tabs_small": true
  "darkmatter_tabs_normal": true
  "darkmatter_tabs_large": true
  "darkmatter_tabs_xlarge": true

Tabs width:

  "darkmatter_tabs_auto_width": true

Sidebar labels font size

  "darkmatter_sidebar_font_small": true
  "darkmatter_sidebar_font_normal": true
  "darkmatter_sidebar_font_large": true
  "darkmatter_sidebar_font_xlarge": true

Sidebar tree rows height

  "darkmatter_sidebar_tree_xsmall": true
  "darkmatter_sidebar_tree_small": true
  "darkmatter_sidebar_tree_normal": true
  "darkmatter_sidebar_tree_large": true
  "darkmatter_sidebar_tree_xlarge": true

Special Thanks to

Creator of TronLight Theme that's unknown and to Gadzhi Kharkharov for create Space Gray Theme that I used to start this new theme/color-scheme.