Four Kitchens branding extended to Gnome Shell 3.11
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Four Kitchens Gnome Shell Theme

This is a theme that allows gnome-shell users to apply the Four Kitchens branding to their own personal desktop.


  • Clone this repo into your ~/.theme directory. git clone ~/.themes/fourkitchens-gnomeshell.
  • You'll need to have gnome-tweak-tool installed. Run: sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool.
  • Launch gnome-tweak-tool, and go to the extentions tab. Scroll down the list of extensions, and turn "User Themes" on. Then switch to the "Appearance" tab, and under "Shell Theme", select "fourkitchens-gnomeshell".

#Development Installation It's easy to make your own adjustments to this theme. This theme uses sass, and gulpjs, so you'll need to have both of those installed. Once you have sass and gulp running, go to the theme root and run npm install. Then, you can run gulp sass to compile the theme's sass, or gulp default to watch your updates to /sass/*.scss files and compile the theme as you save.

#Sass All scss files are found in the /sass directory. The /sass/gnome-shell.scss file gets compiled directly to /css/gnome-shell.css, where it is read by gnome shell. There are individual .scss files for each component within gnome shell. The /sass/variables.scss file contains all color, and spacing values for the theme.

#Loading Changes When you make a change to the theme, you can easily load the changes into gnome-shell by pressing Alt+f2. In the command box, type rt``, and press enter. This will reload the theme. If you would like to restart gnome-shell, type r``` into the box, or simply log in, and log out.