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Screenshot - Directory of Churchy Websites and Social Network Pages

We want to show that many parishes, regional churches and dioceses are do a good job in public relations and present those with their websites and social network pages at a map and tabularly. also compares the follower numbers of the social media pages.

Our Project is oecumenic, i. e. regardless whether Protestants, Catholic or free church - all can participate. You can simply add your church using our form.

The latest development version is online at


  • map with all churches which can be filtered according to denomination and network
  • table with filtering according to name, postal code, city, country, denomination, type, network
  • details page for every church showing all websites and networks, map and church hierarchy
  • form to add new churches
  • statistics and downloadable open data
  • available in English and German

API Documentation offers the data via a public API at which returns all the data on the selected churches in JSON format. Even if there is only one result for the query, the data is returned as a list.

GET /api/churches/

Per default, the whole data is returned in JSON. Parameters can be used to reduce the number of entries which are returned.

Example: A call to only returns data of the churches whose name contains the string test.

Supported parameters:

  • ids (optional): entry ids (multiple ids can be separated by comma)
  • parent (optional): only children of the given parent id (options allow to include the parent itself and grandchildren)
  • name (optional): the substring of the name
  • postalCode (optional): the postal code
  • city (optional): the substring of the city
  • country (optional): the country code (e. g. DE for Germany). Possible values: see $countries variable in the configuration file
  • denomination (optional): the denomination. Possible values: see $denominations variable in the configuration file
  • type (optional): the type. Possible values: see $types variable in the configuration file
  • hasWebsiteType (optional): the website type. Possible values: see $websites variable in the configuration file
  • options=includeSelf,recursive (optional):
    • If parent is given and options contains childrenRecursive, the grandchildren are also included in the response.
    • If parent is given and options contains includeSelf, the parent is included in the response.

GET /api/churches/{id}/

The data of the church with the given id is returned in JSON. The entry id is the number in the URL of the details page.

GET /api/churches/{id}/children/

Returns the (direct) children of the church with the given id in JSON.

How to develop



  • Clone the Git repository.
  • Install the dependencies via composer install (this includes npm install for Bootstrap and JavaScript libraries).
  • Run composer dev to automatically compile *.scss to *.css and *.js to *.min.js whenever the file is changed.
  • Create a database.
  • Create a config.php with the database credentials and valid API keys/secrets (cp. config.sample.php).

Used programming languages and libraries - Verzeichnis kirchlicher Web- und Social-Media-Auftritte

Wir wollen zeigen, dass viele Kirchengemeinden, Landeskirchen und Bistümer auch im Web gute Öffentlichtkeitsarbeit machen und stellen diese mit ihren Web- und Social-Media-Auftritten in einer Karte und tabellarisch dar. vergleicht auch die Follower-Zahlen der Social-Media-Auftritte.

Unser Projekt ist überkonfessionell, d. h. egal ob evangelisch, katholisch oder freikirchlich - alle können mitmachen. Sie können Ihre Gemeinde einfach über unser Formular hinzufügen.

Die aktuelle Entwicklungsversion gibt es unter


  • Karte mit allen Gemeinden, die nach Konfession und Netzwerk gefiltert werden kann
  • Tabelle mit Filter nach Name, PLZ, Stadt, Land, Konfession, Gemeindetyp, Netzwerk
  • Detailseite für jede Gemeinde, die alle Web- und Social-Media-Auftritte, eine Karte und die Hierarchie anzeigt
  • Formular zum Hinzufügen neuer Gemeinden
  • Statistik und herunterladbare offene Daten
  • verfügbar in Deutsch und Englisch