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❤️ Corifeus Utils v2024.4.124

Bugs are evident™ - MATRIX️

NodeJS LTS is supported

Built on NodeJs version



Misc utils (async array iterator, random characters, exit on silent unhandledRejection errors, etc...)

const utils = require('corifeus-utils');
  • Modules
    • Async Array Iterator forEachAsync
    • JSON.strintify for Error
    • Lodash Pascal
    • Lodash patch to work _.isEmpty with Symbols
    • Remove silent process unhandledRejection end process.exit(), adds timestamp
    • Process uncaughtException that shows timestamp.
    • Random async Base62 string
    • Replace inject - finds a prefix and postfix in a string and replace the content, strings.inject
    • Convert a byte array or string to base62, utils.base.charset(string)
    • Async Hash (SHA-512, SHA-256) file using Base62,
    • Promise based HTTP Request
    • Time utilies
    • Additional file system utils
    • JSON based file database
    • HTTP/HTTPS based async/Promise request

Actual modules

Everything is promise based.

  • time
    • verbose
    • span
  • regexp
    • escape
  • random
    • async (default is base62)
    • complexUuid
  • promise
    • deferred (simple extract the reject, resolve and promise function, instead of callback)
  • process
    • unhandledRejection
    • uncaughtException
    • writableCallbackExit
  • object
    • reduce
  • hash
    • async file
  • string
    • padStart
    • empty
    • inject
  • lodash
    • PascalCase
    • isEmpty
  • http
    • async request
  • db
    • file based json storage
  • child-process
    • async exec
  • array
    • forEachAsync, async/await for each
  • network
    • isPortReachable
    • makeRange
    • getPort
  • fs
    • ensureFile
    • ensureDir
    • find
    • ensureTempFile
    • tempFileName
    • readdirRecursive
    • createWriteStream
  • crypto
    • encrypt
    • decrypt
  • error
    • default Error has toJSON method
  • timer

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CORIFEUS-UTILS Build v2024.4.124

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