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ℹ️ This is a JavaFX application and therfore requires OpenJFX.

  • When using a JDK that includes OpenJFX simply run it with java -jar KafkaEsque.jar
  • If OpenJFX is installed separately run it with java -jar --module-path="path/to/openJfx/lib" --add-modules javafx.controls,javafx.fxml KafkaEsque.jar

Create, remove and describe Topics

Create Topic Screenshot

Describe Topic Screenshot

Publish Messages

Publish Message Screenshot

Consume Messages

Trace Messages

By Key

Consumes Messages only keeping Messages in the result list where the message key matches the given key

in value

Consumes Messages only keeping Messages in the result list where a sequence in the message value matches the given regex

Export Messages

Mesages displayed in the message list can be exportet in csv format and played into any cluster via a message book with minimal modifications.

Topic Templates

Allows for defining and configurating topics once and apply them to different clusters with one file, see the Wiki for Details

Message Books

Allows for playing a set of Messages over different topics into a cluster, see the Wiki for details


Within the cluster.json file it is possible to configure Authentication for Kafka and Confluent Schema Registry: Note: the secrets have to be given in the json file in plain text. This might be a security issue. Feel free to apply a PR if you want to improve this. sslEnabled controls the SSL Authentication method

Config of the Authentication can be done either in cluster.json directly or via the UI.

Example for SSL with mTLS Authentication to the broker:
   	"identifier": "my-mtls-secured-cluster",
   	"bootstrapServers": "broker:<portofmtlslistener>",
   	"sslEnabled": true,
   	"keyStoreLocation": "mykeystore.jks",
   	"keyStorePassword": "mykeystorepw",
   	"trustStoreLocation": "mytruststore.jks",
   	"trustStorePassword": "mykeystorepw"
Example for SASL_SSL Authentication

saslSecurityProtocol,saslMechanism and saslJaasConfig can be provided This can also be combined with given trust and keystore configuration

   	"identifier": "my-mtls-secured-cluster",
   	"bootstrapServers": "broker:<portofmtlslistener>",
       "saslSecurityProtocol": "SASL_SSL",
       "saslMechanism"  : "PLAIN", 
       "saslJaasConfig" : " required serviceName=kafka username=\"MYUSER\" password=\"53CR37\";"
Example with Schema Registry with HTTPS and Basic Auth

The https and 'sslEnabled' is important if you want to use truststore and/or keystore otherwise those attributes are ignored and now sslContext is provided to Schema Registry client

you can use only Basic Auth if you SR is only protected with basic auth, you can use only keystore+truststore if your SR is protected with mTLS or you can use both settings in parallel.

   	"schemaRegistry": "https://myschemaregistry:8081", 
       "schemaRegistryBasicAuthUserInfo": "<BasicAuthUser>:<BasicAuthPW>",
   	"sslEnabled": true,
   	"keyStoreLocation": "mykeystore.jks",
   	"keyStorePassword": "mykeystorepw",
   	"trustStoreLocation": "mytruststore.jks",
   	"trustStorePassword": "mykeystorepw"

Check the settings.yaml in the <user.home>/.kafkaesque directory for cluster independent application settings

  • use.system.menubar: use macOS System menu bar
    • default: true
  • enables quick select buttons in trace dialogs
    • default: true
  • configures the values of the quick select buttons as a comma separated list of Duration Strings
    • default: PT2H, P1D, P7D

Trace Quick Select


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