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PatternFly React

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This project provides a set of React components for the PatternFly project.

Community: PatternFly website | Slack | Medium | Mailing list

Table of contents

  1. PatternFly React packages
  2. Setup
  3. Contribution guidelines
  4. License

Using PatternFly 3? Take a look at the PatternFly 3 React component information.

PatternFly React packages

Package link Description
💙 Core packages
  @patternfly/react-core Core set of components
  @patternfly/react-table Table components
  @patternfly/react-charts Chart components
  @patternfly/react-icons Icon components
  @patternfly/react-styles PatternFly CSS styles
  @patternfly/react-tokens PatternFly CSS variable tokens
💛 Extension packages UXD supported
  @patternfly/react-log-viewer Virtualized log viewer component
📂 Supporting packages
  @patternfly/react-docs Gatsby documentation site for components
  @patternfly/react-integration Cypress integration tests
👪 Extension packages community supported
  @patternfly/react-catalog-view-extension Catalog view extension
  @patternfly/react-virtualized-extension Table and list row virtualization extension
  @patternfly/react-topology Topology components
  @patternfly/react-console Console components
Deprecated packages
  @patternfly/react-inline-edit-extension Table inline edit extension


Before you begin, check out this overview of PatternFly to get familiar with the basic elements of the design system.

Install a package manager

Install a package manager before using the PatternFly libraries.

Start with PatternFly React seed

If you want to start with your existing project, skip to Install and configure PatternFly React.

PatternFly React seed is an open source build scaffolding utility. It gives developers a jump-start when creating new projects that will use PatternFly.

  1. Fork the project
  1. Install the project

    Follow the steps outlined in the PatternFly React Seed README to install.

Install and configure PatternFly React

  • Using npm, run the following command to install:

    npm install @patternfly/react-core --save


  • Using yarn, run the following command to install:

    yarn add @patternfly/react-core

    Once the library is installed, use the specific setup instructions for that library to access the components it contains. These can be found in the readme for each library.

Contribution guidelines

All React contributors must first be PatternFly community contributors. If you're already a PatternFly community contributor, check out the React contribution guidelines to make React contributions.


PatternFly React is licensed under the MIT License.