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Bootstrap is a popular front-end framework that streamlines website design. It allows for the creation of easy and responsive web layouts.

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Java EE 企业级快速开发平台,基于经典技术组合(Spring Boot、Spring MVC、Apache Shiro、MyBatis、Beetl、Bootstrap、AdminLTE),在线代码生成功能,包括核心模块如:组织机构、角色用户、菜单及按钮授权、数据权限、系统参数、内容管理、工作流等。采用松耦合设计;界面无刷新,一键换肤;众多账号安全设置,密码策略;在线定时任务配置;支持集群,支持SAAS;支持多数据源

  • Updated Apr 21, 2021
  • JavaScript

FlyCms 是一个类似知乎以问答为基础的完全开源的JAVA语言开发的社交网络建站程序,基于 Spring Boot+Bootstrap3+MyBatis+MySql+Solr +Ehcache应用架构,专注于社区内容的整理、归类和检索,它集合了问答,digg,wiki 等多个程序的优点,帮助用户轻松搭建专业的知识库和在线问答社区。业务模块包括:权限管理,会员管理,角色管理,定时任务管理(调度管理),问答管理,文章管理,分享管理,短信接口管理和邮件系统发送(注册、找回密码、邮件订阅),跨域登录,消息推送,全文检索、前端国际化等等众多模块,等您自己来体验!

  • Updated Dec 21, 2019
  • Java
jgiardino commented Apr 29, 2019

The consumer should be able to specify the text string for the toggle that displays the page size menu.

We should also include a default string that clearly describes the button.

NOTE: these updates are expected to be completed after or as part of the update to refactor the Pagination component to use the OptionsMenu component. As part of this update, woul

zee85 commented Feb 11, 2020

This is an amazing piece of work – no doubt. That being said where are the unit tests. No one is going to take this lib seriously without unit tests. Do what you need to do but this library should be the goto solution for angular development with complex and/or dynamic forms. The only reason it isn't is because of the lack of unit tests. Realistically I can't trust this library when it lacks basi

本仓库是自己总结的前端开发一些基础知识,包括html5,css3, canvas, jQuery, less ,ES6, webpack,Vue等,也包含了一些算法和数据结构方面的练习,同时也记录了自己工作中的踩坑总结,适合想要学习前端开发的伙伴,你可以clone项目到本地,然后一步一步跟着我的demo敲,希望大家都能全栈。

  • Updated May 10, 2021
  • JavaScript

Created by Mark Otto, Jacob Thornton

Released August 19, 2011