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extra add rb to all.hxml Feb 12, 2015
libs @ 4a691aa [ilib] Update to latest ocamllibs. Closes #3847 Feb 9, 2015
std support newer versions of ruby Jan 7, 2018
tests show all errors for ruby Feb 13, 2015
.gitattributes LF normalization May 26, 2013
.gitignore [SauceLabs] Parameterized the config. Jan 17, 2015
.gitmodules added haxelib repo in extra/haxelib_src (close #2258) Mar 1, 2014
.travis.yml add skip_cleanup, new in docs Jan 7, 2018
Makefile fix Makefile Feb 12, 2015
Makefile.win fixed wodi lib path Oct 21, 2014
README.md Update README.md Dec 17, 2014
analyzer.ml [as3] do not run local DCE for now Feb 5, 2015
appveyor.yml [CI] refactor ci code Oct 24, 2014
ast.ml implement resolve on abstracts but comment it out (see #3753) Jan 15, 2015
codegen.ml [all] Merged Simn's fix to #3090 and fixed C#'s issue with it. Closes #… Jan 19, 2015
common.ml catchup with upstream after rebase Feb 12, 2015
dce.ml cleanup iteration formatting and deal with incompatibility of inline+… Feb 12, 2015
filters.ml do not use `gen_local` to generate temp variables in the analyzer bec… Jan 30, 2015
genas3.ml [as3] a_impl = Some _ doesn't imply non-@:coreType. Fix bug introduce… Jan 19, 2015
gencommon.ml [java/cs] Properly recurse when Type.enumIndex optimization does not Feb 9, 2015
gencpp.ml remove some outdated type patterns from pre-abstract era (and hope it… Jan 30, 2015
gencs.ml [cs] Apply escaping only after backtick types are changed Feb 11, 2015
genjava.ml [java] Properly list available java classes; Closes #3100 Feb 8, 2015
genjs.ml [JS] When not `-D js-classic`, pass `console` as an argument to the b… Jan 18, 2015
genneko.ml added support for runtime loading of NDLL within local haxelib reposi… Dec 9, 2014
genphp.ml remove some outdated type patterns from pre-abstract era (and hope it… Jan 30, 2015
genpy.ml store type parameters in FClosure too Jan 15, 2015
genrb.ml support newer versions of ruby Jan 7, 2018
genswf.ml rename `(cl|en|t|a|mt)_types` to `_params` for consistency Sep 3, 2014
genswf8.ml remove TPatMatch (will revisit in the undefined future) Sep 6, 2014
genswf9.ml remove some outdated type patterns from pre-abstract era (and hope it… Jan 30, 2015
genxml.ml fixes Jan 12, 2015
haxe.hxproj hide analyzer outputs Oct 5, 2014
interp.ml [macro] make Context.getType return `null` for unknown types because … Feb 7, 2015
lexer.mll disallow leading zeroes for int and float literals (closes #3295) Sep 6, 2014
main.ml ruby -> rb Feb 12, 2015
matcher.ml [matcher] fix handling of CFields (closes #3680) Dec 14, 2014
optimizer.ml disable for folding for now (see #3792) Jan 24, 2015
parser.ml fix cast + parenthesis parsing (closes #3806) Feb 5, 2015
type.ml cleanup iteration formatting and deal with incompatibility of inline+… Feb 12, 2015
typecore.ml rename `Context.getConstructorArguments` to `getCallArguments` (closes Feb 5, 2015
typeload.ml [net-lib] Do not check property access on -net-lib extern classes. Cl… Feb 8, 2015
typer.ml js-style native trace command Feb 12, 2015


Haxe logo - The Cross-Platform Toolkit

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Haxe is an open source toolkit that allows you to easily build cross-platform tools and applications that target many mainstream platforms. The Haxe toolkit includes:

  • The Haxe programming language, a modern, high-level, strictly-typed programming language
  • The Haxe cross-compiler, a state-of-the-art, lightning-speed compiler for many targets
  • The Haxe standard library, a complete, cross-platform library of common functionality

Haxe allows you to compile for the following targets:

  • C++
  • C#
  • Flash
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • NekoVM
  • PHP

You can try Haxe directly from your browser at try.haxe.org!

For more information about Haxe, head to the offical Haxe website.


The Haxe project has several licenses, covering different parts of the projects.

  • The Haxe compiler is released under the GNU General Public License version 2 or any later version.
  • The Haxe libraries are released under a "two-clause" BSD license.
  • The Neko runtime is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1 or any later version.

For the complete Haxe licenses, please see http://haxe.org/foundation/open-source.html or extra/LICENSE.txt.

Installing Haxe

The latest stable release is Haxe v3.1.3. Pre-built binaries are available for your platform:

Automated development builds are available from build.haxe.org.

Building from source

  1. Clone the repository using git. Be sure to initialize and fetch the submodules.

    git clone --recursive git://github.com/HaxeFoundation/haxe.git
    cd haxe
  2. Follow the documentation on building Haxe for your platform.

Using Haxe

For information on on using Haxe, consult the Haxe documentation:

  • Haxe Introduction, an introduction to the Haxe toolkit
  • The Haxe Manual, the reference manual for the Haxe language
  • Haxe API, documentation for the Haxe standard and native APIs
  • Haxelib, a repository of Haxe libraries for a variety of needs


You can get help and talk with fellow Haxers from around the world via:

Version compatibility

Haxe neko
2.* 1.*
3.0.0 2.0.0
3.1.3 2.0.0