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builds custom SearXNG container with a changed simple theme and settings.yml; This project builds on top of

Project Links

Production Server / Instance :

Docker Hub :

GitHub :

GitLab :

Basic Example

  • docker run -it --rm -p 8080:8080 paulgoio/searxng:production

  • After that just visit in your browser and stop the server with ctrl-c

Production Setup

Check out the docker-compose.yml file in this repo for reference


  • Clone this repo: git clone

  • After making your changes in src/less make sure to update src/css by running (python, npm and make needed)

  • You can build the docker container locally by running (check out base branch for the alpine base with the needed python packages): docker build --pull -f ./Dockerfile -t searxng-dev:latest .

  • Debug the local container with: docker run -it --rm -p 8080:8080 searxng-dev:latest

Environment Variables (all optional: if not set -> using default settings)

  • IMAGE_PROXY : enable the image proxyfication through SearXNG; the built-in image proxy is used (set this to true)

  • REDIS_URL : set the URL of Redis server to store data for limiter plugin (for example redis://redis:6379/0 or unix:///usr/local/searxng-redis/run/redis.sock?db=0)

  • LIMITER : limit bot traffic; this option also requires Redis to be set up

  • BASE_URL : set the base URL (for example would have as base)

  • NAME : set the name of the instance, which is for example displayed in the title of the site (for example PaulGO)

  • PRIVACYPOLICY : set URL of privacy policy of the instance (for example

  • CONTACT : set instance maintainer contact (for example

  • ISSUE_URL : set issue URL for custom SearXNG repo (for example !Without trailing /)

  • GIT_URL : set git URL for custom SearXNG repo (for example

  • GIT_BRANCH : set git branch for custom SearXNG repo (for example main)

  • PROXY : set proxy servers that are applied as round robin for all engines; separate multiple proxies with a comma (for example,

  • UWSGI_WORKERS : set the amount of uwsgi workers (each worker can handle HTTP requests to the server); defaults to the amount of CORS the server has (for example: 4)

  • UWSGI_THREADS : set the amount of uwsgi threads per worker; so each worker has the amount of threads defined here; defaults to 4 (for example: 4)

  • SEARCH_DEFAULT_LANG : Set the default language used for search queries. By default, this is set to auto to autodetect the language from the query string (for example en-US)

  • SEARCH_ENGINE_ACCESS_DENIED : Set the suspension timeout in seconds if a search engine throws a SEARCH_ENGINE_ACCESS_DENIED exception, by default this value is set to 86400 (e.g. 1 day)

  • PUBLIC_INSTANCE : Set instance as public instance to enable some optional features, that are only relevent to public instances (defaults to false, can be set to true)