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ab testing for rails
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Ab testing is 7 minutes.  Not 6, not 5, 7!

Tested in rails 2.3.2

go to your rails app directory
  ./script/plugin install git://

Setup the database to store your info

  ruby script/generate ab_migration
  rake db:migrate

Include Code
add these lines to these files

  module ApplicationHelper
    include AbViewHelper

  class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
    include SevenMinuteAbs
    before_filter :ab_click_count

Use it!
Test if orange or blue gets more clicks

"linkcolor" -> name of your test
2 -> number of different versions you have (else statement)

make sure to include 'test.stub' in any urls, otherwise clicks won't be counted! 

  <% ab_test("linkcolor", 2) do |test,version|%>
    <% if version == 0 %>
      <%= link_to "Blue version", url_for(:ab => test.stub), {:style => "color:blue"} %>
    <% elsif version == 1 %>
      <%= link_to "Orange version", url_for(:ab => test.stub), {:style => "color:orange"} %>
    <% end %>
  <% end %>

See Stats
A quick way to see your stats.  You want the highest % possible to be your main choice!

<% Ab.find(:all).each do |ab| %>
  <div class="ab-result">
      name:<%= ab.testname %> v:<%= ab.version %> <%= ab.percent_clicked %>%     <%= ab.display_count %> <%= ab.click_count %> <%= ab.stub %> <%= ab.created_at %>
<% end %>

Copyright (c) 2009 Paul McKellar, released under the MIT license
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