A library and command line tool to extract all JIRA tickets out of commit messages between two GIT revisions and create a URL to the JIRA filter showing those commits in JIRA.
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A library and command line tool to extract a changelog out of commit messages between two GIT revisions. This changelog can be postprocessed and converted to either an human readable git changelog listing all commits, or a JIRA filter URL.

How to build

To build the project completely, package a distribution (see https://docs.gradle.org/current/userguide/application_plugin.html) and install the artifacts into your local .m2/repository:

./gradlew clean build install distZip

The distribution will be packaged into build/distributions.

How to run

You can run the application with gradle:

	./gradlew run -Pargs='--processor=jirafilter --repo=/path/to/your/git/repo --baseurl=http://jira.base.url/ --projects=PRJ1,PRJ2'

Or you can use the unzipped distribution build before:

./git-changelog --processor=jirafilter --repo=/path/to/your/git/repo --baseurl=http://jira.base.url/ --projects=PRJ1,PRJ2


usage: git-changelog [OPTIONS] <revFrom> <revTo>
    --processor <class name or id>   Available processors: jirafilter,
    --repo </path/to/repo>           Path to git repository to use,
                                     defaults to '.'.

The command line interface is still work in progress, it may be extracted into another library or groovy script and distributed as a separate artifact.


At the moment, there are two postprocessors implemented:

  • jirafilter: Scans the git changelog for jira tickets and creates an URL to the JIRA filter.
  • basic: Prints a human readable git changelog with short commit hashes and commit messages

How to use the library

Basically all you have to do is add this as dependency. For maven, this would be:


Then, import the GitChangelog class, create an instance of the GitChangelog object and use it, as the command line entry point (main() in GitChangelog) is doing.

Example: Changelog of Jenkins' latest release

Command line

./gradlew run -Pargs='--processor=jirafilter --repo=/path/to/src/jenkinsci --baseurl=https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/ --projects=JENKINS'

This is how the output will look like (or similar, if a newer version is released):

No revs given, searching automatically for latest released tags...
Found toRev tag jenkins-1.617
Found fromRev tag jenkins-1.616
Jira-Tickets mentioned in commits between jenkins-1.616 and jenkins-1.617:


AppArgs gitChangelogArgs = new AppArgs();
GitJira gitChangelog = new GitJira(gitChangelogArgs);
final Changelog changelog = gitChangelog.changelog();