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Github-to-Redmine import script utility

1. Prerequisites

Ruby 1.9.3 or higher, rails 3.2.12 or higher, github_api gem and pandoc 1.11.1. To install the gems run

gem install rails -v '3.2.14'
gem install github_api -v '0.11.3'

(Github_api 0.12 doesn't work correctly, I'm guessing there's an issue with autopaging).

To install Pandoc, you can either follow instructions to install from source ( ) or use this .deb package

Also, you have to enable Redmine Api by checking Enable REST web service in Administration>Settings>Authentication in Redmine.

2. Configuration

Copy config.yml.example to config.yml and fill in your Redmine site address, Redmine API key, Github token and your organization name

After doing this, you can run config_creator.rb to help you write the config.

The user should be an administrator.

You can use the REPOSITORY_FILTER array to process only some of the repositories.

You can store the issue close date in the due_date by setting CLOSE_DATE to due_date, you can store it in a custom_field, the custom field must be available for all projects, by setting CLOSE_DATE to the name of the field or ignore it by setting CLOSE_DATE to none.

You can choose whether to import images from github by setting IMPORT_IMAGES.

User mapping can be done before running the script by filling the USER_MAPPING hash.

3. Running the script

You can run the script with

ruby import.rb

The script will guide you through importing.

4. Known issues

  • users must be created before running the script
  • only labels/milestones that have issues will be imported
  • creation and closing dates cannot be set, this applies to notes too.
  • you should disable email notifications before running the script if you don't wanted to be flooded with emails
  • you must disable 'required assignee' from the active workflows if you have issues with no assignees on Github
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