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Normit is an easy way to translate stuff in your terminal. You can check out its Ruby gem version termit.


npm install normit -g


normit 'source_language' 'target_language' 'text'


normit en es "hey cowboy where is your horse?"
=> "Hey vaquero dónde está tu caballo?"

normit fr en "qui est votre papa?"
=> "Who's Your Daddy?"

Parenthesis are not necessary for text data input:

normit fr ru qui est votre papa
=> "Кто твой папочка?"

Speech synthesis

Specify a -t (talk) flag to use speech synthesis (requires mpg123):

normit en fr "hey cowboy where is your horse?" -t
=> "Hey cowboy où est votre cheval ?" # and a french voice says something about a horse

You can use normit as a speech synthesizer of any supported language without having to translate anything:

normit en en "hold your horses cowboy !" -t
=> "hold your horses cowboy !" # and an english voice asks you to hold on

Learning language when committing to git (zsh only)

Idea by Nedomas . See and hear your messages translated to target lang every time you commit:

In ~/.zshrc

export LANG=es
git(){[[ "$@" = commit\ -m* ]]&&normit en $LANG ${${@:$#}//./} -t;command git $@}

I am no shell ninja so if you know how to make it work in bash then please submit a PR.

Language codes:

To find all available language codes visit


Works with node 0.10.0 and higher.

To use speech synthesis you need to have mpg123 installed.

For Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install mpg123

For MacOSX:

brew install mpg123

For Windows: Download Site or Direct Download


It was rewritten to work with Bing Translator . Thanks to Ragnarson for supporting it !


Normit works by scraping the private APIs and is therefore not recommended for use in production or on a large scale.