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Module terraform_aws_vpc provides a Terraform module to create an AWS VPC, with public subnets, routing tables, and internet gateways. Its opinionated design assumes you want redundancy, spreading out created subnets across availability zones without any necessary prior knowledge of what region the subnets are being deployed to.

Usage Example:

module "vpc" {
  source                  = ""
  vpc_network_address     = ""
  public_subnet_addresses = ["", ""]
  project_path            = "your/project"

If more than one subnet is specified, this module will automatically try to spread these out across the availability zones available to you in the connected region. This helps facilitate redundancy. You are not limited to the number of subnets you can specify, but keep in mind that the module will wrap subnets if more subnets are specififed than availability zones available to you.


Name Description Default Required
map_public_addresses Default new instances to have public IP addresses. true no
project_path The path to the project in VCS. `` no
public_subnet_addresses Network addresses for subnets to create this VPC.

If more than one address is specified, the subnets are created across all available availability zones sequentially, wrapping around when the last availability zone for the region is reached.
- yes
public_subnet_name_prefix Public no
vpc_name Name to assign to the VPC `` no
vpc_network_address The network address for the VPC. - yes


Name Description
default_network_acl_id The default network ACL ID for the VPC.
public_route_table_id The public route table ID for the created VPC.
public_subnet_availability_zones The availability zones for the the created public subnets, as a subnet ID -> zone map.
public_subnet_ids The IDs of the created public subnets.
vpc_id The ID of the created VPC.


A Terraform module for creating AWS VPCs, with public subnets





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