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this is sample demo which guide to implement Paykun sdk into you own application you can make payment from your android application for both live and testing(sandbox) purpose.

Below is guide to implement paykun sdk into your app.

How to install SDK in your app?

We have distributed our SDK via Maven Central Repositery.You can add paykun sdk directly to your build.gradle file in dependency section using below line:

implementation 'com.paykun.sdk:paykun-checkout-lib:1.0.5'

How to implement SDK into your android app?

First you need to get your merchant id and access token from paykun dashboard.for testing purpose you need to login in paykun dashboard using sandbox mode and get your merchant Id and access token.

You need to pass merchant id,access token,customer name,customer email,customer phone,product name,order no and amount to SDK.

Create json object with following key and values.

For testing environment(sandbox)

If you need it for testing purpose you can use our sandbox mode by sending “isLive” parameter to false.when you send “isLive” to false we will consider it as for testing purpose and will not charge for it otherwise sent it as true. If you need it for testing purpose you should login in pykun dashboard using sandbox mode and get your testing merchant Id and Device Api key(access token). Kindly follow below step in paykun dashboard to create your sandbox account from live account.

  1. Go to Merchant account(Live)
  2. Navigate to Account drop down(Top Right corner) and select "Test Mode"
  3. Select "Activate Sandbox Account" to activate your sandbox account
  4. After activating sandbox account,you can click on "Sandbox Login" button to go to sandbox dashboard and use generated username and password login.
  5. Now you have to generate your Device API key from sandbox account from Setting-Security tab.
  6. You can get you Merchant Id clicking on profile icon from top right corner.
  7. Now you have to use this API key and Merchant Id in your Demo project for testing purpose. Note: Remember that you can login in Sandbox account from your Live account.

you can use testing card no ”4111 1111 1111 1111 ” ,any future expiry date and any valid cvv no.

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