Genio is an extensible tool that can generate code to consume APIs in multiple programming languages based on different API specification formats.
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Genio is an easy to use code generation tool that can generate API client libraries in multiple programming languages. Genio comes with in-built support for multiple API specification formats - WSDLs, WADLs and the Google discovery format but also allows you to plug in parsers for additional specification formats. It uses a simple templating system that allows easy customization of the generated code.


  • Ruby 1.9.3 or above


gem install genio


With genio installed on your local machine, run

genio <java|php|dotnet> --schema=path/to/specification [--output-path=output/directory]

With the --schema argument option, Genio will attempt to guess the specification type based on the file extension of the argument. If you follow non-standard naming convention for your files, please use the --wsdl / --wadl / --json-schema arguments instead.

Once you have generated source files with genio, you can use them in your project in conjunction with PayPal's core SDK libraries. You can take a look at the sample hello world projects and read language specific instructions here.

Supported languages

Genio comes with templates for the following programming languages. Support for other languages to follow soon.

  • java
  • dotnet
  • php

Supported formats

  • WADL (--wadl=path/to/schema.wadl)
  • Google discovery format (--json-schema=path/to/schema.json)
  • WSDL (--wsdl=path/to/schema.wsdl)

Upcoming features

We have plans to add the following soon

  • Automatic API reference generation from spec.
  • Support for JSON schema Version 4 specification.


Contributions and issues

We will be happy to accept contributions by way of templates for additional languages and parsers for other API specification formats. Please submit a pull request if you would like to contribute.

If you have a feature ask or an issue to report, please file an issue on github.