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Handle cleanly failure to push to try. #23

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Mounir Lamouri Josh Matthews
Mounir Lamouri

No description provided.

Mounir Lamouri

This should now apply cleanly.

Josh Matthews jdm merged commit f8d4446 into from August 17, 2012
Josh Matthews jdm closed this August 17, 2012
Josh Matthews
jdm commented August 17, 2012


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Aug 13, 2012
Mounir Lamouri Handle cleanly failure to push to try. 8dcbc93
Aug 17, 2012
Mounir Lamouri Merge with master. 0ed9886
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  1. 5  trychooser
5  trychooser
@@ -459,7 +459,10 @@ For all questions, choosing Y means adding something to the TryChooser string. C
459 459
       ui.write(_("Pretending to push to try server...\n"))
460 460
461 461
       ui.write(_("Push to try server...\n"))
-      commands.push(ui, repo, "ssh://", force=True)
+      try:
+        commands.push(ui, repo, "ssh://", force=True)
+      except:
+        ui.write("ERROR: failed to push to try server!\n");
463 466
464 467
     # In Mercurial 2.1 phases support was added, and until Mozilla updates to
465 468
     # this version and configures the try repository to be non-publishing, we

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