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Udacity FrontEnd Web Developer NanoDegree - project 3 - Classic Arcade Game
JavaScript HTML CSS
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Classic Arcade Game Clone Project

Udacity Front End Development Project 3 - Classic Arcade Game

Program: index.html, css/style.css, js/app.js, js/engine.js, js/resources.js

  • Author: Perry Brandiezs
  • Date: August 13, 2019


  • This project is a fun clone of a Classic Arcade Game, to demonstrate Object-Oriented JavaScript, use of the HTML5 Canvas, and a game engine.

Summary of third-party resources used:

Hosting / Deployment

Copy the entire directory contents to the hosting server, including the css, images, and js folders.


  • To play the game, navigate the browser to the index.html file.
  • While avoiding bugs, navigate the player from the grass, across the busy road, to the water, using the up / down / left / right keys.
  • A collision with a bug ends the game.
  • Reaching the water will begin the next level.
  • To win the game, see how many levels you can complete!
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