A set of vim syntax files for highlighting the various Html templating languages in Haskell
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Shakespeare Syntax

A collection of vim syntax files for working in the shakespeare templating languages used by Yesod.

Provided is each syntax/$language.vim file for external templates as well as an after/syntax/haskell.vim which will properly highlight quasi-quoted blocks inside a haskell source file.


  • Use Vundle
  • Add Plugin 'pbrisbin/vim-syntax-shakespeare'


The following options can be added to your ~/.vimrc in order to to change the behaviour of this plugin.

Allow one-liner QQs even if they have invalid nesting:

let g:hamlet_prevent_invalid_nesting = 0

Don't highlight empty space at the end of lines:

let g:hamlet_highlight_trailing_space = 0


  • javascript inside a script tag is difficult due to the lack of a </script> region-end

  • highlight in-line html tags added as raw

  • nested blocks in lucius

  • bug in lucius unquoted interpolations


Embedded hamlet in a haskell source file: