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Sophia: a Rust toolkit for RDF and Linked Data
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pchampin Merge branch 'better_sources'
TripleSource and QuadSource are now much more usable,
with iterator-like methods: for_each_X, try_for_each_X, filter_Xs,
filter_map_Xs, map_Xs.
For convenience, they also still have the in_graph/in_dataset method.

We are now ready to deprecate the unidiomatic TripleSink and QuadSink.
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A Rust toolkit for RDF and Linked Data.

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A comparison of Sophia with other RDF libraries is available here.


The test suite depends on the RDF test-suite, which is included as a git submodule. In order to run all the tests, you need to execude the following commands:

$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update



(compatible with GNU LGPL)

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