Minecraft patcher to fix textures with higher than default resolution
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.idea update to idea 12.0 Dec 7, 2012
lib rebuild javassist 3.16GA with java 5 Mar 6, 2012
shared mipmap/lod support Dec 8, 2012
src version 2.4.4_02 Dec 19, 2012
stubs mipmap/lod support Dec 8, 2012
!!PROJECT_HAS_MOVED.txt new project url Dec 24, 2012
.gitignore use jip-1.2 instead of profiler4j Jan 21, 2012
Makefile update Makefile to 1.4.5 Nov 23, 2012
apptodmg.sh initial checkin of mcpatcher 2 Mar 19, 2011
build.properties ant build files Apr 10, 2011
build.xml reformat code / optimize imports May 21, 2011
good.log updated test output Dec 16, 2012
launch4j.xml icon from julianfkelly Mar 15, 2012
mcpatcher.iml renamed utils -> shared May 20, 2011
mcpatcher.pro fix >128 LDC, add Integr to ConstPatch, fix backup generation, use te… Oct 3, 2010
mcpatcher.properties build exe with manifest to avoid UAC popup/admin privs on Windows Feb 20, 2011
mcpatcher.xml reformat code / optimize imports May 21, 2011
profile.properties tweak java profiling Oct 12, 2012
testfilter.pl improved test filter Aug 9, 2012


NOTE: Project has moved to

MCPatcher is a bytecode-level patcher for Minecraft. The main use right now
is changing the hard-coded texture sizes, but it is eventually intended to
apply arbitrary patches.

All code is released into the public domain unless otherwise noted.
All contributions will be considered public domain.