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db8 Site Dev (pkg_db8sitedev)

A Joomla Site Development Tool to improve your workflow with Joomla website development.

  • Create a Checklist for your own workflow
  • Export your Checklist and import it in all the websites that you develop
  • Keep a full overview of everything that you have done and anything that still needs to be done
  • The default English Checklist db8-site-dev-default-checklist-en.json has shortcuts to configuration options in the Joomla admin panel


  • Easily manage your own Checklist of everything you have to do before a website can be put online
  • Manage your own Checklist of Categories and Checklist items
  • Import and export your own Checklist Categories and Checklist Items
  • Download and import a default Site Checklist with items related to Joomla website development
  • Have a full overview of everything that has been done and have to be done
  • Easily check or uncheck items to update the status of an item
  • Add notes with details to each Checklist item
  • Add hyperlinks to your notes to create short cuts to specific pages in your Joomla admin or external websites

Getting started

  • Download db8 Site Dev
  • Install the package (Component + Module) in the Extension Manager
  • The Component will be installed with one default Checklist
  • Look at how to create a Checklist via Categories + Check Items
  • Look at how the Checklist works and the result in the overview on the Dashboard
  • The About page has an option to export/import a Checklist
  • In case you find a bugs in this software, please create an issue at
  • If you find this extension useful, please consider leaving a positive review at the Joomla Extension Directory (JED)


Since 2005 I support with my company other companies with Joomla websites. When developing websites for customers I always have to do the same things to configure and optimize the website before putting it live. The awesome Live Checklist created by Rene Kreijveld has proven to be a great tool to keep track of everything that you have to do. It's a list of things you have to do to configure and optimize your Joomla website.

However, the list is an offline one that you can use next to your computer. What if such a list would be inside the website you were developing? I decided to develop this extension to have such a checklist tool within the website that is under development. Website developers can add their own checklist or Generate a default Live Checklist.


You can download an installation package from Download page at or get the most recent release from This package consists of a Component and a Module:


With the Admin Component a website developer can easily create a checklist of all things that have to be done before the site can be put live. The component has an option to import or export your own checklists.


The Admin Module is published on the Control Panel of your /administrator/ back-end so that you can easily keep track of everything that still has to be done. The UNchecked and Checked counters and Category name can all be clicked and will navigate you to the Checklist, filtered on what you clicked.

Credits and Contributions

I would like to thank the following fellow Joomla community members that inspired or helped me with the development of this extension: Roland Dalmulder, Rene Kreijveld, Jisse Reitsma.

Language packs

This extension is available with the following translations, thanks to my fellow international Joomla community members!

  • English (en-GB)
  • Danish (da-DK) by Ole Bang Ottosen
  • Dutch (nl-NL)
  • French (fr-FR) by Yann Gomiero and Marc-Antoine Thevenet
  • German (de-DE)
  • Russian (ru-RU) by Maxim Belousov

Default Live Site Checklists

Suggestions and Improvements

Wilco Alsemgeest, Ludo Arts, Maxim Belousov, Yann Gomiero, Anja Hage, Markus Hermann, Joris Lange, Nico van Leeuwen, Ole Bang Ottosen, Matthew Philogene, Ric Raftis, Brian Teeman, Marc-Antoine Thevenet, John Wood.


A Joomla Site Development Tool (Component + Module) to make Joomla website development easier.




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