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Version: $Id$

1. Overview
2. Contents of this package
3. Testing
4. ChangeLog
5. About the author
6. Copyright Notice

1. Overview
XML_Query2XML allows you to transform the records retrieved
with one or more SQL SELECT queries into XML data. Very simple
to highly complex transformations are supported. Is was written
with performance in mind and can handel large amounts of data.

Another thing you will find useful is XML_Query2XML's capabilities
of Profiling and Performance Tuning.

2. Contents of this package
+---cases ............... Case studies; will be installed in $PHP_PEAR_DOC_DIR
¦   +---case01 .......... Case 01: simple SELECT with getFlatXML
¦   +---case02 .......... Case 02: LEFT JOIN
¦   +---case03 .......... Case 03: Two SELECTs instead of a LEFT JOIN
¦   +---case04 .......... Case 04: Case 03 with all the bells and whistles
¦   +---case05 .......... Case 05: three LEFT JOINs
|   +---case06 .......... Case 06: BIG join over 10 tables
|   +---case07 .......... Case 07: Case 03 revisited: Simplifications with
|   |                     Asterisk Shortcuts
|   +---case08 .......... Case 08: Case 06 revisited: Making use of Mappers
+---XML ................. CONTAINS THE ACTUAL Query2XML.php that
|                         will be installed in $PHP_PEAR_INSTALL_DIR/XML/
+---tests ............... contains 239 phpt unit tests; all will be installed
                          in $PHP_PEAR_TEST_DIR/XML_Query2XML/tests. Please
                          see 3. Testing.

3. Testing
XML_Query2XML can be tested with different drivers and different data sources
(databases and LDAP directories). The most straightforward way to run the unit
tests is by using the following command:

 `pear run-tests -p XML_Query2XML'

This will use the MDB2 driver with an SQLite 2 database. For LDAP functionality
the Net_LDAP2 driver will be used to access an LDAP directory on
localhost, port=389, version=3, starttls=0 without a binddn or bindpw.

To change the above mentioned behaviour you can use the following environment variables.
(Note: make sure the php.ini setting 'variables_order' also contains 'E' for Environment.)
- PHP_PEAR_XML_QUERY2XML_TEST_DBLAYER: the name of the database abstraction layer
  (and corresponding driver) to use. Valid values are 'MDB2', 'DB', 'PDO', 'ADOdbDefault',
  'ADOdbException' and 'ADOdbPEAR'. The default is 'MDB2'.
- PHP_PEAR_XML_QUERY2XML_TEST_DSN: the DSN to connect to the database. Please see for the format
  to use. Examples would be
  * mysql://root@localhost/Query2XML_Tests
  * pgsql://postgres:test@localhost/query2xml_tests
  * sqlite:///$PHP_PEAR_TEST_DIR/XML_Query2XML/tests/Query2XML_Tests.sq2
  The default is the last mentioned example - this should work out of the box
  on most systems.
  PEAR Net_LDAP2. Valid values are 'LDAP' and 'LDAP2'. The default is 'LDAP2'.
- PHP_PEAR_XML_QUERY2XML_TEST_LDAPCONFIG: a comma separated list of key
  value pairs that specify how to connect to the LDAP directory. Please
  for a list of valid keys. The default is

If you want to run the unit tests with MySQL or PostgreSQL, you need to:
- run the MySQL DDL from $PHP_PEAR_TEST_DIR/XML_Query2XML/tests/Query2XML_Tests.sql:
   `mysql -u root -p < $PHP_PEAR_TEST_DIR/XML_Query2XML/tests/Query2XML_Tests.sql`
  or the PostgreSQL DDL from $PHP_PEAR_TEST_DIR/XML_Query2XML/tests/Query2XML_Tests.psql:
   `psql -U postgres < $PHP_PEAR_TEST_DIR/XML_Query2XML/tests/Query2XML_Tests.psql`  
- Set the environment variable PHP_PEAR_XML_QUERY2XML_TEST_DSN (see above).

After installation $PHP_PEAR_TEST_DIR/XML_Query2XML/tests will contain the following
(all paths relative to $PHP_PEAR_TEST_DIR/XML_Query2XML/tests):

./Query2XML_Tests.sql ........... the MySQL DDL required to run the unit tests
./Query2XML_Tests.psql .......... the PosgreSQL DDL required to run the unit tests
./Query2XML_Tests.sq2 ........... the SQLite 2 database used by default
./XML_Query2XML_ISO9075Mapper ... unit tests for XML_Query2XML_ISO9075Mapper
./XML_Query2XML/ ................ phpt unit tests for XML_Query2XML
./XML_Query2XML/AllDBLayers ..... phpt unit tests for XML_Query2XML using database
                                  related drivers
./XML_Query2XML/LDAP ............ phpt unit tests for XML_Query2XML using Net_LDAP
                                  or Net_LDAP2
./XML_Query2XML/NoDBLayer ....... phpt unit tests not using any driver

Each of the ./XML_Query2XML/*/ directories contains subdirectories named
like the class methods; the directories contain phpt unit tests for
the respective method.

If a specific database or LDAP directory abstraction layer
(MDB2/DB/ADOdb/PDO/Net_LDAP/Net_LDAP2) is not installed
the respective tests will be skipped. If I18N_UnicodeString is not installed
all tests for XML_Query2XML_ISO9075Mapper will be skipped. Also all tests
that require a database or LDAP connection will be skipped if the connection

4. ChangeLog
Beginning with v0.6.0 the development of XML_Query2XML was moved from
to Therefore you will find two ChangeLog files:

ChangeLog-until-v0.6.0 ....... ChangeLog entries from
                               (until v0.6.0)
ChangeLog .................... ChangeLog entries from

5. About the author
Please see or write to

6. Copyright Notice
Copyright 2006 Lukas Feiler

This source file is subject to version 2.1 of the LGPL
that is bundled with this package in the file LICENSE.