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Unofficial desktop Lumix Link application

This is an unofficial counterpart of the official Panasonic Lumix Link mobile app. With this application, you can remotely control your Lumix camera, take pictures, record video, adjust capture settings and so on.

Usage instructions

Basically, the usage instructions can be found at .

Do not download the application from the forum, download it here on Github.

There are a few differences in this version to the one posted on the forum: both the web and the Java applications ask you for the camera's IP address, so that different connection modes are supported (e.g. the camera connected to your home wifi). Check the changelog for more.

Important: If you connect to the camera by making a hotspot on the camera, there is a security mechanism. When you first connect the app to the camera, the camera will ask you if you want to connect "Lumix Link Desktop". You have to agree here.

If you would see errors like err-unsuitable-app on the results window, it means these security restrictions do not let the app to connect. You can try fixing that by opening http://CAMERA_IP/cam.cgi?mode=accctrl&type=req_acc&value=0&value2=Vexia%20Fcs in your browser before starting the app (substituting CAMERA_IP by the IP address of your camera, which in case of connecting to hotspot, will probably be

Supported models

The basic parts of this application should work with all Lumix cameras that can be used with the mobile app.

However, as the cameras have different features, this application might or might not support all of them. Here is a list of tested cameras.

100% compatible (and tested) cameras:

  • GH3

mostly compatible (and tested) cameras:

  • GH4
  • G6
  • GM1
  • FZ1000
  • GX80/GX85

You are welcome to report your experience with different types of cameras.

Origin of this application

This is a "fork" of the application published on . Unfortunately, I haven't found a repository for this application, so I had to create my own one and now I'm trying to communicate with the original author to merge our efforts.

Thanks very much to leniusible for the initial work on reverse-engeneering the communication protocol. If you are lenuisible, please, contact me here on github!


The license of the original application is unclear. I assumed it is given to the public without any restrictions.

Changes since version 2.0.0 (the first version of this fork) are covered by the 3-clause BSD license.