Publish with reactive dependencies on related queries
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Publish with reactive dependencies

Adding this package to your Meteor application augments Meteor.publish handler object with method related which allows you to define publish endpoints with reactive dependencies on additional queries. It allows easy wrapping of existing publish functions without any change needed. You can use publish functions which return query cursors, or one which uses publish added/changed/removed API for custom publish functions.

This is useful in all situations where you want to publish documents which have a query based on data from some other document and you want that everything behaves reactively, if any of those documents change, published documents should change as well. Examples are any queries which limit published based documents on a list of IDs in another document. Or a permission system where you want to limit published documents based on flags and other properties of currently logged-in user.

Server side only.

See also the follow-up package peerlibrary:reactive-publish which provides an alternative API through Meteor reactivity and familiar server-side autorun.


meteor add peerlibrary:related


Along with existing properties and methods, this inside Meteor.publish callback now has related method available. Method accepts:

  • a callback – a new publish callback which will get as arguments results of your queries
  • one or more query cursors which should each return at most one document at any given moment; documents returned from query cursors will then be passed to the callback reactively, every time any of them changes callback will be rerun


Let's say that you have a list of blog posts user is following as follows field in Meteor's users documents. You want to create a publish endpoint which will publish only those blog posts which current user follows. But if follows field changes, published blog posts should also change (or if published blog posts themselves change, changes should be pushed to the client).

Meteor.publish('followed-blog-posts', function () {
  if (!this.userId) return;

  this.related(function (user) {
    return Posts.find({_id: {$in: user.follows}});
    Meteor.users.find(this.userId, {fields: {follows: 1}})

Every time follows field of currently logged-in user changes, related publish callback is rerun with new user document as an argument (as returned from Meteor.users.find query). Callback should do anything a normal publish callback should: or call added/changed/removed, or simply return a query to publish like in our example.

Documents are tracked between reruns and are not republished if they remain the same between reruns.

Known limitations

Currently each of related queries is expected to return at most one document at all times. In theory returning multiple documents could be supported, but this means that related publish callback would be rerun at any change of any of those multiple documents. This is probably not a very efficient approach.

Nested calls to related should probably work, but were not yet tested.

Related projects

There are few other similar projects trying to address a similar feature. We needed something production grade, with tests, and simple code base built upon existing Meteor features instead of trying to replace them. Most of our code just wraps existing Meteor code into the reactive loop, and allowing existing publish functions to be reused without any change needed, you can return queries or you can use added/changed/removed, all this is supported. Just instead of having static arguments to your publish function, publish function is rerun when any of arguments changes. Its API is thus simple and intuitive.

  • meteor-reactive-publish – uses API based on server-side dependency tracking, but no tests and no support for added/changed/removed
  • meteor-publish-with-relations – complicated custom API not allowing to reuse existing publish functions, which means no support for added/changed/removed as well
  • meteor-smart-publish – complicated way of defining dependencies and works only with query cursors and not custom added/changed/removed functions
  • reywood:publish-composite – allow you to define a nested structure of cursors, which get documents from higher levels in a reactive manner, but it works only with only with query cursors and not custom added/changed/removed functions
  • copleyjk:simple-publish – seems similar to meteor-publish-with-relations, but a more developed version covering more edge cases; on the other hand it has the same limitations of no support for added/changed/removed