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@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ This class is a Peer, which can connect to other peers and listen for connection
* `id` String. The id by which this peer will be identified when other peers try to connect to it. If no id is given, one will be generated by the server
* `options` Object
* `key` String. API key for cloud PeerServer. Is not used for servers other than ``
- * `host` String. Server host. Default ``
+ * `host` String. Server host. Default ``. Also accepts `'/'` for relative hostname.
* `port` Number. Server port. Default `80`
* `config` Object. Configuration hash passed to `RTCPeerConnection`. This hash contains the ICE servers. Default `{ 'iceServers': [{ 'url': '' }] }`
* `debug` Boolean. Prints verbose log messages. Default `false`
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