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The pegnet daemon to track txs, conversions, etc
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A light weight daemon that executes the PegNet protocol on Factom chains and maintains balances for addresses.

Note: This program is intended to be temporary and will be replaced when PegNet is integrated into the Factom Asset Tokens daemon. Usage and JSON-RPC functions are being written as similarly as possible to fatd in an effort to minimize friction during that switchover period.

Building From Source

Ensure that Golang 1.13 or later is installed. The latest official release of Golang is always recommended.

Clone the project and build the binary:

$ git clone
$ cd pegnetd
$ go build

If successful, there will now be a pegnetd executable file in the working directory.


By default pegnetd will search $HOME/.pegnetd/pegnetd-conf.toml or ./pegnetd-conf.toml for your config file. The default config file is in the root directory of this repo, and can be copied to your home folder. Alternatively the --config pegnetd-conf.toml can also be specified.

Once you have your config in place, running pegnetd will begin syncing to the current network your factomd is on.


To start the daemon, run: $ ./pegnetd --log=debug using your preferred log verbosity level.

To exit pegnetd, send a SIGINT (commonly done by pressing <ctrl> + <c> within the terminal).

Running in Development

To run in development, the --testing flag will set the activation heights to 0, and grading versions to 2. So if you have a local factomd running, you can do the following:

# Assuming you have `pegnet` installed for mining and factom + factom-walletd running
cd $GOPATH/src/
cd initialization
go build
# Get some entry credits to build the initial chains

# Now we can run a miner to get us some rates (you will need to configure a miner)
pegnet --testing --top 50 --miners 1 --log debug

# Now you have a chain to read and can run the node
pegnetd --testing --log debug

RPC API Documentation

// TODO: add documentation around how to use the RPC API, keeping it as close to fatd as possible

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