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auto install script for Apache CloudStack
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What is this?

This is an easy installation script for CloudStack 4.x. This script automates installation on a fresh CentOS 6.x node by using minimal netinstall. All you have to do is running this script with options ‘-canm’. After a while you will see welcome message on the CloudStack web UI.

This script also saves installation steps of CloudStack on multiple nodes with Management Servers, Computing Nodes and Storage Servers.

How to use

Download this script into wherever you like on the server that CloudStack will be installed. When you run this script with ‘-h’(help) optoin, you will see available options for the script.

./ -h


-cinstall the common packages
-ninstall NFS server
-ainstall the agent for computing nodes
-minstall the Management Server
-hshow help
-rreboot after the installation


  • ‘-cm’: when you want to install only the management server
  • ‘-cn’: when you want to install only the NFS server
  • ‘-ca’: when you want to install only the agent for computing nodes

The ‘-c’(common) option will set SELinux to permissive, firewall and network.

Installing CloudStack on single node, type command bellow:

./ -cnamr


  • You may need to install ‘wget’ or ‘openssh-clients’ package with yum command before downloading this script.
  • If you want to save time to input credentials to login by SSH, enter the ssh public key of your client machine to SSH_PUBLIC_KEY at the 3rd line of the script (optional).


This script sets up the network for CloudStack requirements automatically, and it may works only on servers with 1 NIC.

This script sets up network bridges as:

# brctl show
bridge name bridge id               STP enabled     interfaces
cloud0      8000.fe00a9fe0074       no              vnet0
cloudbr0    8000.80ee733704b5       no              eth0
virbr0      8000.52540079e395       yes             virbr0-nic

Steps to install CloudStack on single server

  • Install CentOS 6.X from the netinstall disk.
  • Install and configure CloudStack
    yum install wget -y
    sh ./ -cnmar
  • Enter some informantion which is necessary for installation such as hostname and ip address.
  • The management server will be rebooted automatically. After rebooting, access “http://YOUR-MANAGEMENT-SERVER-IP:8080/client” by using web browser on a client machine.
  • Enter the username and password below.
    • username: admin
    • password: password
  • Enter the information of your cloud system through the Basic Installation Wizard.
  • !DO NOT FORGET! After creating a zone, reboot the SecondaryStorageVM.
  • Go to Infrastructure => System VMs => s-1-VM => click Reboot System VM button (icon of whirling arrow)
  • Go to Templates => CentOS 5.5 => Wait until “Ready” status changes from “” to “Yes”.
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