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There's no place like ~/

These are my personal dotfiles. They turn ordinary stock applications into my own carefully crafted lightsaber.


Yonk and I scour the galaxy looking for nanosecond timesavers for all our favorite tools. If you've got a tip let us know.


Get your own

If you're new to dotfiles, this probably isn't the best starter repository for you. While these started as a clone of Holman's, many utilities are unique to my workflow. I recommend other dotfile frameworks out there.


If you're crazy and want to clone my dots anyway:

  • git clone https://github.com/pengwynn/dotfiles.git ~/.dotfiles
  • cd ~/.dotfiles
  • script/bootstrap

The install script will symlink the appropriate files in .dotfiles to your home directory. Everything is configured and tweaked within ~/.dotfiles, though. All files and folders ending in .symlink get, you guessed it, symlinked. For example: ~/.dotfiles/vim/vimrc.symlink gets symlinked to ~/.vimrc.

Main elements

There's a few special files in the hierarchy.

  • bin/: Anything in bin/ will get added to your $PATH and be made available everywhere.
  • topic/*.zsh: Any files ending in .zsh get loaded into your environment.
  • topic/*.symlink: Any files ending in *.symlink get symlinked into your $HOME. This is so you can keep all of those versioned in your dotfiles but still keep those autoloaded files in your home directory. These get symlinked in when you run script/bootstrap.
  • topic/*.completion.sh: Any files ending in completion.sh get loaded last so that they get loaded after we set up zsh autocomplete functions.

Prior art

This project began as a fork of (and is heavily inspired by) Zach Holman's dotfiles, whose topic-based symlinking approach makes this so easy. I also have stolen freely from:

Share your dots

If you've got a great set of dots (or want to get started), check out dotfiles.github.com. Ping @octodots with great dot sets you've found or tips and tricks for your favorite tools.