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The name cperl stands for a perl with classes, types, compiler
support, or just a company-friendly perl
, but currently it's only a
better 5.22 based variant without classes.

Currently it is about 1.5x faster than perl5.22 overall, >2x faster
then 5.14 and uses the least amount of memory measured since 5.6,
i.e. less than 5.10 and 5.6.2, which were the previous leaders. While
perl5.22 uses the most memory yet measured.

See and for an overview, changes and docs.
Detailed changes are at

./Configure -sder -Dusecperl && make -s -j4 test && sudo make install

Known issues

With 32bit fast-arithmetic optimizations are currently disabled. You need a new
gcc-5 or clang-3.4 on 64-bit to get that.

OS-specific non-unix Makefiles (e.g. Windows, VMS, os2, Cross, NetWare..)
cannot generate a dynamic Config yet. You may call it our temp. "Config hell",
but it's worth it. Patches welcome.

Parallel builds sometimes stop at missing Redo the make
then. Packagers should try a 2nd make if the first stops, sorry. See
the .travis.yml recipe.