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[variables] add documentation of $TABSTOP, $USAGE and $ENC

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1 parent 08d76c8 commit 0f41c02bb2e183cae74703f2916d2534d4d4e2e2 @felher felher committed Aug 29, 2012
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@@ -224,9 +224,9 @@ Other compile-time constants:
$?CLASS Which class am I in? (as variable)
$?ROLE Which role am I in? (as variable)
$?GRAMMAR Which grammar am I in?
- $?TABSTOP ???
- $?ENC
+ $?TABSTOP How many spaces is a tab in a heredoc or virtual margin?
+ $?USAGE The usage message generated from the signatures of MAIN subs.
+ $?ENC Default encoding of Str.encode/Buf.decode/various IO methods.
=head2 Dynamic variables

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