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[S15] Modify "Final Considerations" on mismatching in operators.

Essentially, NFC ~ NFD -> Uni, instead of the previous "causes an error"
definition. Note that detailing various operators and functions still
needs doing.
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1 parent 2b0ef1b commit 51a72a0ac7775036db410d850b8605c26e7454cf @ShimmerFairy ShimmerFairy committed
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@@ -542,11 +542,13 @@ C<NFKC>, and C<NFKD> contents without normalizing.
The inclusion of ropey types will most directly impact C<Uni>.
-The interplay between conflicting types on string operators, such as
+Operators between various string types need defining. The general rule should be
+"most specialized type wins" for the return value.
-is not defined, and for now considered an error in mismatching types.
+ NFD ~ NFD --> NFD
+ NFC ~ NFKD --> Uni
+ (UAX#15 says concat of mismatched NFs results in a non-NF string, which
+ is our Uni type.)
Regexes likely need more work, though I don't see anything immediate.

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