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Mention that Zop stops after the shorter list

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TimToady committed Jun 20, 2013
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@@ -14,8 +14,8 @@ Synopsis 3: Perl 6 Operators
Created: 8 Mar 2004
- Last Modified: 29 May 2013
- Version: 264
+ Last Modified: 20 Jun 2013
+ Version: 265
=head1 Overview
@@ -4814,6 +4814,11 @@ In fact, though the C<Z> operators are all list associative
syntactically, the underlying operator is always applied with its
own associativity, just as the corresponding reduce operator would do.
+The zip operation terminates when either of its lists terminates.
+(Do not use C<Zeq> or C<Z==> to compare two arrays, for instance,
+unless you want to know if one array is a prefix of the other.
+Use C<»eq«> or C<»==«> for that. Or better, just use C<eqv>.)
Note that, unlike the C<X> operator, all the terms of a C<Z> operator
may reasonably be infinite lists, since zipping is lazy.

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