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Problem running example in Rhino with SQL or Mongo #14

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If I run the example wiki using rhino/narwhal by executing:

persvr example

it works fine. however, when i modify the page.js file to attempt to use either the SQL store or the Mongo store, i get errors.

SQL gives me this error:

TypeError: [JavaPackage] is not a function, it is object

Mongo gives me this error:

Error: undefined failed to load file://...\example/lib/sys.js

All I have done is modify the page.js file by uncommenting the appropriate section to change the pageStore that is used...

I also get this error when I run the page through the browser:
"Error: You must assign a getDataModel method to the pintura config object in order to expose data"

persvr member

This is an issue with the packages/perstore/jars/pintura.jar not getting loaded. This is supposed to take place automatically, but apparently it is not for you. I'll see if I can reproduce this.

persvr member

Checked in kriszyp/narwhal@dc3482e to deal with the Rhino/SQL issue.

The Mongo store is built for Node, it will not run on Rhino.

Do you get the error about getDataModel on the example or the template?

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