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Add support for Racket files #248

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PLT Scheme was renamed Racket a few years ago. It seems to be the most popular scheme variant and is widely used for teaching and programming language research.

This commit adds support for racket file extensions, including old scheme extensions that would still be present in older codebases. It also adds the ".sch" file extension to the list of scheme file extensions.


Thanks for the patch. I'm not going to be adding any more language specs to ack 1.x, but I'll revisit this when we put out the final ack 2.0

@hoelzro hoelzro referenced this pull request in petdance/ack2

Add support for Racket files #361


Migrated to ack2 queue.

@hoelzro hoelzro closed this
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Commits on Feb 14, 2013
  1. @maxsnew

    Add racket file extensions

    maxsnew authored
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@@ -107,10 +107,11 @@ BEGIN {
php => [qw( php phpt php3 php4 php5 phtml)],
plone => [qw( pt cpt metadata cpy py )],
python => [qw( py )],
+ racket => [qw( rkt scm ss sch )],
rake => q{Rakefiles},
ruby => [qw( rb rhtml rjs rxml erb rake spec )],
scala => [qw( scala )],
- scheme => [qw( scm ss )],
+ scheme => [qw( scm ss sch )],
shell => [qw( sh bash csh tcsh ksh zsh )],
skipped => q{Files, but not directories, normally skipped by ack (default: off)},
smalltalk => [qw( st )],
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