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Tilt templates for various JavaScript and CSS compression libraries
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Crush is a set of Tilt templates for the various JavaScript and CSS compression libraries in Ruby.

See here for more information about Tilt templates:

Well, they're not really templates. They're more like engines or processors. But, anyway, they fit in very well with Tilt, because each one likes to do things a little differently. Tilt + Crush cures the headache by providing a generic API to use any of the engines you need.

Basic Usage

Step 1, Install:

$ gem install crush

Step 2, Compress:

require "crush"
# => compressed JavaScript...

Tilt Mappings

If you look closely at the above example, you had to call Crush.register before you could use any of the engines. That's because, by default, Crush does not automatically register its templates with Tilt. But, fear not, it's insanely easy to register them.

require "crush"
# or you can use this shortcut to do the same thing:
require "crush/all"

If you only want to use the JavaScript templates:

require "crush"
# or just:
require "crush/js"

CSS engines only:

require "crush"
# or, because I love shortcuts so much:
require "crush/css"

And finally, it's not hard to register only the ones you need, manually:

require "crush"
Tilt.register Crush::Uglifier, "js"
Tilt.register Crush::Rainpress, "css"

Generic API

The included templates are actually subclasses of Crush::Engine, which adds a few methods somewhat common to compression libraries.

Crush::Engine.compress takes the given string and immediately compresses it. It is also aliased as compile.

Crush::CSSMin.compress "body { color: red; }"
# => "body{color:red;}"

# Using Tilt's interface:
Tilt[:css].compress "body { color: red; }"
# => "body{color:red;}"

Crush::Engines do not require data from a file or block like Tilt::Templates. They can be initialized and given data through the Crush::Engine#compress instance method, which is also aliased as compile.

engine =
# Does not throw an ArgumentError like a Tilt::Template
engine.compress "body { color: red; }"
# => "body{color:red;}"

Included Engines

Support fo these compression engines are included:

-------------------------- ---------------- -----------------------
JSMin                      .js              jsmin
Packr                      .js              packr
YUI::JavaScriptCompressor  .js              yui/compressor
Closure::Compiler          .js              closure-compiler
Uglifier                   .js              uglifier
CSSMin                     .css             cssmin
Rainpress                  .css             rainpress
YUI::CssCompressor         .css             yui/compressor
Sass::Engine               .css             sass


Copyright (c) 2011 Peter Browne. See LICENSE for details.

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