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A GStreamer video filter that uses OpenCV
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This GStreamer element lets you call into OpenCV, do your magic, and write back out ot GStreamer. I included the standard 1-kernel Sobel filter just to get you up and running.


  1. I needed to make an RTSP server consisting of mutliple UDP video feeds that be inferenced at 30fps using non-hardware-specific libraries (e.g, DeepStream).

  2. There are roughly 50,000+ OpenCV "streaming" projects that dribble out >1 fps using CV2/Python/Flask

  3. OpenCV doesn't support writing to a video stream easily (AFAIK, please let me know if I'm wrong!)

  4. GStreamer is waaaay more fleixble than VLC and FFMPEG for what I need.

This was compiled on Ubuntu 16.04, GStreamer 1.17.0, OpenCV, g++ 5.4.0.

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