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PE Tools - portable executable (PE) manipulation toolkit.

Table of contents


PE Tools lets you actively research PE files and processes. Process Viewer and PE files Editor, Dumper, Rebuilder, Comparator, Analyzer are included. PE Tools is an oldschool reverse engineering tool with a long history since 2002. PE Tools was initially inspired by LordPE (yoda).


PE Editor

  • PE and DOS Headers Editor
  • PE Sections Editor
  • PE Directory Viewer and Editor
  • Export Directory Editor
  • Import Directory Editor
  • Resource Directory Viewer
  • Exception Directory Viewer
  • Relocation Directory Viewer
  • Debug Directory Viewer
  • TLS Directory Editor
  • Load Config Directory Editor
  • Bound Directory Editor

File Location Calculator (FLC)

  • Virtual Address
  • Relative Virtual Address
  • Raw File Offset

PE Files Comparator

  • Side-by-side comparison of headers and characteristics of two PE files

Process Viewer and Manager

  • Show basic process information
  • Show process modules

PE Dumper

  • Running process dumper
    • Full Dump
    • Partial Dump
    • Region Dump
  • Dumper Server (accessible via Dumper Server SDK)

PE Rebuilder

  • Dump Fixer
  • Relocation Wiper
  • Resource Directory Rebuilder
  • PE file Validation
  • Imports Binder
  • ImageBase Changer

PE Sniffer

  • Signature analysis of PE files
  • Packer detection

HEX Editor

  • HEX Editor available in:
    • Section Editor via section context menu
    • Every Data Directory in Directory Editor


  • PE Tools Plugin SDK available

What's new in recent major releases

PE Tools v1.9

Complete PE Tools v1.9 announces:

Entropy View

  • Entropy Viewer available in:
    • Main PE Editor dialog
    • Section Editor via section context menu
    • File Compare dialog for both compared files

64-bit Disassembler

  • diStorm v3.3.4
  • Shows jmp / call direction

Load Config Directory Editor

  • Additional Load Config Directory values and size support (non-standard sizes)

High-DPI display modes support

  • 192 DPI supported
  • DPI modes supported and tested: 96, 120, 144, 192
  • Graphics redrawn:
    • Main Application Icon
    • Logo
    • Toolbar icons

Bug-fixes and minor changes


System Requirements


Source code

throw std::exception(“​PE Tools source code is not available”);
  • If you want to add some features, write ready-to-use snippet (C/C++) and post it in Issues

To do

  • Win64 version
  • File Overlay Analyzer and Extractor
  • Authenticode Viewer
  • Rich Signature Editor
  • Relocations Checker
  • Enhance Debug Directory Remover: remove debug section if empty
  • Corkami binaries testing and support
  • .NET Directory Viewer
  • External Tools support (preliminary list):
  • Structures Export to readable formats like JSON / YAML
  • Crypto tools (hash, decryption / decryption)
  • ARM disassembler (far-far-away)


File Description Lang
PETools.exe main PE Tools executable
HEdit.dll Hex-editor
RebPE.dll PE Rebuilder
Signs.txt PEiD signatures for PE Sniffer ReadMe EN What's New EN What's New RU
petools.sha1 Checksums SHA-1





PE Tools

  • NEOx [uinC] - versions up to 1.5, 2002-2006
  • Jupiter - versions from 1.5, 2007-2018
  • PainteR - versions from 1.8, 2017-2018
  • EvilsInterrupt aka NtVisigoth - versions from 1.5, 2012-2014

Additional modules

  • yoda (author of LordPE): original HEdit32 component


Feel free to contact via Twitter @petoolse.