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Breaking change on:

    Added path_id, cost and agg_cost columns on the result
    Parameter names changed
    The many version results are the union of the one to one version

New Signatures:

  • pgr_bdAstar(one to one)

New Proposed functions

  • pgr_bdAstar(one to many)
  • pgr_bdAstar(many to one)
  • pgr_bdAstar(many to many)
  • pgr_bdAstarCost(one to one)
  • pgr_bdAstarCost(one to many)
  • pgr_bdAstarCost(many to one)
  • pgr_bdAstarCost(many to many)
  • pgr_bdAstarCostMatrix
  • pgr_bdDijkstra(one to many)
  • pgr_bdDijkstra(many to one)
  • pgr_bdDijkstra(many to many)
  • pgr_bdDijkstraCost(one to one)
  • pgr_bdDijkstraCost(one to many)
  • pgr_bdDijkstraCost(many to one)
  • pgr_bdDijkstraCost(many to many)
  • pgr_bdDijkstraCostMatrix
  • pgr_lineGraph
  • pgr_connectedComponents
  • pgr_strongComponents
  • pgr_biconnectedComponents
  • pgr_articulationPoints
  • pgr_bridges


pgr_version is now on SQL language

Deprecated Signatures

  • pgr_bdastar - use pgr_bdAstar instead

Renamed Functions

  • pgr_maxFlowPushRelabel - use pgr_pushRelabel instead
  • pgr_maxFlowEdmondsKarp -use pgr_edmondsKarp instead
  • pgr_maxFlowBoykovKolmogorov - use pgr_boykovKolmogorov instead
  • pgr_maximumCardinalityMatching - use pgr_maxCardinalityMatch instead

Deprecated function

  • pgr_pointToEdgeNode